BSC Distribution Ltd have a wide range of obsolete and current IC’s available.



Various AM2911APC
Various AM9044CPC
Various AM9060DPC
Various AM912870PC
Various AN82526
Various AY31015D
Various AY51013A
Various AY581362
Various BA6993
Various BC16016
Various BC335
Various BCW60B
Various BDC02A
Various BF458
Various BFS60
Various BPX65
Various BT106
Various C42010ED
Various C49010B257
Various C78010BD031
Various C78A01BB
Various CA3046
Various CA3054
Various CA3140E
Various CA3240E1
Various CA3306CE
Various CA339E
Various CA358E
Various CA741CG
Various CD40107BE
Various CD4019BF
Various CDM6116E2
Various CG80C28616
Various CM1200763C
Various CMOS4001
Various CMOS4011
Various CMOS4070
Various LM1414N
Various LM1830N
Various LM1872N
Various LM2075
Various LM224J
Various LM2900N
Various LM2901N
Various LM2917N8
Various LM2917N
Various LM3046N
Various LM304H
Various LM305H
Various LM311H
Various LM311N
Various LM311P
Various LM317T
Various LM318N
Various LM319N
Various LM324N
Various LM325N
Various LM339N
Various LM346N
Various LM3527AN
Various LM358N
Various LM361N
Various LM392N
Various LM393N
Various LM723CN
Various LM741CH
Various LM741CN(14PIN)
Various LM741CN(8PIN)
Various LM7915CK
Various LMC662AIN
Various LMCA5322NGK
Various LP339N
Various LT1014DN
Various M272562FI
Various M27C100115XFI
Various M27C51215XFI
Various M376415RS
Various M48T08100PCI
Various M512812
Various M5248P

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