BSC Distribution Ltd have a wide range of obsolete and current IC’s available.



Various 301X
Various 333CJ
Various 3341ADC
Various 3858PC
Various 3T0045843
Various 4049UBE
Various 4063BE
Various 406712
Various 4093CMOS
Various 426410
Various 441UB
Various 4N36
Various 630617
Various 630623
Various 63411J
Various 63S140N
Various 7408N
Various 7410N
Various 7437N
Various 7442N
Various 7475N
Various 7476N
Various 7493N
Various 74ACT257PC
Various 74ACT257SC
Various 74ALS245N
Various 74F10
Various 74HC147D
Various 74HC154
Various 74LS13D
Various 74LS163
Various 74LS26PC
Various 74LS293
Various 74LS32
Various 74LS54N
Various 74LS56
Various 74S133PC
Various 74S288
Various 75118N
Various 75123N
Various 75138N
Various 75154N
Various 75174N
Various 75183N
Various 75188N
Various 75322N
Various 75452N
Various 75454N
Various 75469N
Various 75472P
Various 78M15CT
Various 8028612
Various 8543MAM
Various 91SS122
Various 9401PC
Various 9629301
Various AD524AD
Various AD537JH
Various AD7528JR
Various ADC0816CCN
Various ADM485JR
Various AH5012CN
Various AKM62256LP
Various AM1702ADC
Various AM25LS2569PC
Various AM2602PC
Various AM26502PC
Various AM26LS30
Various AM26LS32CN
Various AM26LS32PC
Various AM26LS33PC
Various AM27519PC
Various AM27C256120DC
Various AM27LS19DC
Various AM27S19PC
Various AM27S21APCAMD
Various AM27S21APC
Various AM2813ADL
Various AM2841ADC
Various AM28F020150PC

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