BSC Distribution Ltd have a wide range of obsolete and current IC’s available.



Various NE5560N
Various NE5561N
Various NE5568N
Various NE592N(14)
Various NMC27C32Q35
Various NS15450N
Various OP37GN
Various OPA445AP
Various OPI6100
Various P2112A4
Various P8032AH
Various P8035AHL
Various P8051AH
Various P8080A
Various P8085A2
Various P80C3112
Various P82535
Various P82542
Various P8255A5
Various P8271
Various P82835
Various P82C431
Various PAL1048NC
Various PAL10H8NC
Various PAL14H4ANC
Various PAL16C1NC
Various PAL16L8ACN
Various PAL16R4A2CN
Various PAL16R4CN
Various PAL16R6NC
Various PALCE16V8H10
Various PBL3717A
Various PBL3766R2
Various PC3Q17
Various PC917
Various PCD5101P
Various PCF8582E2
Various PIC625
Various PS71222A
Various PU4417A
Various R650511
Various R6505AP
Various R65C22P2
Various RC4151N
Various RP5C15
Various S6020L
Various S68B50P
Various SAA1042
Various SAA1060
Various SAB8031AP
Various SAB8284BP
Various SC79024P
Various SC85231P
Various SCB2673A
Various SCB2673B
Various SCL4441UBE
Various SCN2672A
Various SCN2674BC4N40
Various SCN2681AC1N40
Various SD5001N
Various SFH6002
Various SFH618A(SFH618A5)
Various SG3524N
Various SG3542N
Various SG3842d
Various SI7115B
Various SI7301
Various SI7660CJ
Various SI9200EY
Various SMP60N0310L
Various SN15835N
Various SN15846N
Various SN74159N
Various SN74LS26N
Various SN74LS629N
Various SN74LS645N
Various SN75108AN
Various SN75146P
Various SN75150P
Various SN75159N

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