BSC Distribution Ltd have a wide range of obsolete and current IC’s available.



Various TMS425610NL
Various TMS441615NL
Various TMS4500A19NL
Various TMS9901NL
Various TP5088N
Various TPIC6259N
Various TSC8704CJ
Various UA556PC
Various UA723CN
Various UA733CN
Various UA733DC
Various UA741CP
Various UA747CN
Various UA78GU1C
Various UA96176TC
Various UA9636ACP
Various UA9637ACP
Various UA9638ACP
Various UAA1016B
Various UAA145
Various UC2845D
Various UC3633N
Various UC3705N
Various UC3825DW
Various UC3844N
Various UC3903N
Various UCC3804D
Various UCN5891A
Various UDN2580A
Various ULA1H033E
Various ULN2003A
Various ULN2064B
Various ULN2066B
Various ULN2074B
Various ULN2803A
Various UM3750
Various UM8272A
Various UPA79C
Various UPB8212C
Various UPC1377C
Various UPC271C
Various UPC393C
Various UPD70325L8
Various WD1010APL
Various WD16C92PL
Various WD1770PH
Various WD1772PH
Various WD37C65CJM
Various WD37C65CPL
Various X2210D
Various X2212P
Various X24C04P
Various X24C44P
Various X2804AD35
Various X80APIO
Various XP1323504
Various XP2290803
Various XP229503A
Various XR68C681CJ
Various Z0803606PSC
Various Z0843006PSC
Various Z0844004PSC
Various Z765APS
Various Z80ACPU
Various Z80ACTC
Various Z80ADART
Various Z80ASI0
Various Z80BCPU
Various Z80CPU
Various Z8400AB1
Various Z8400B
Various Z8440A
Various Z8530AB1C
Various Z85C3008VSC

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