BSC Distribution Ltd have a wide range of obsolete and current IC’s available.



Various M54610P
Various M5K4164NP15
Various M61048
Various M64100BA026
Various M64100BB086
Various M64102BA088
Various M64200CA
Various M80C86A10
Various M82C51A
Various M82C542
Various M82C84A
Various MAB8031L
Various MAB8039HL11P
Various MAB8039HL6P
Various MAB8050HPE018
Various MAX038CPP
Various MAX1228CNG
Various MAX190ACNG
Various MAX191ACNG
Various MAX232CPE
Various MAX306EPI
Various MAX506ACP
Various MAX530ACNG
Various MB7123H
Various MB811812
Various MB8125612
Various MB8146412
Various MBL8031AH
Various MBM10422A7
Various MBM276425
Various MBM27C256A20
Various MC10102L
Various MC10102P
Various MC10104LD
Various MC10106L
Various MC10106P
Various MC10107P
Various MC10110L
Various MC10110P
Various MC10113P
Various MC10115P
Various MC10116P
Various MC10124P
Various MC10125P
Various MC10131P
Various MC10135P
Various MC10136P
Various MC10137P
Various MC10141P
Various MC10158P
Various MC10174L
Various MC10174P
Various MC10176P
Various MC10H102P
Various MC12040L
Various MC1350P
Various MC14028BCL
Various MC1403U
Various MC1406L
Various MC1458P
Various MC1494L
Various MC1658L
Various MC1658P
Various MC1688L
Various MC1709CP1
Various MC1723CP
Various MC1733CP
Various MC1747CP2
Various MC1748CP1
Various MC3303P
Various MC3403P
Various MC3420P
Various MC3469P
Various MC3470AP
Various MC3471P
Various MC3486P
Various MC3487P
Various MC3488AP1
Various MC4024P
Various MC4741CP

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