BSC Distribution Ltd have a wide range of obsolete and current IC’s available.



Various SN75175N
Various SN75176AP
Various SN75182N
Various SN7544N
Various SN75451BP
Various SN75453BP
Various SN75464P
Various SNC5425J
Various SP1692
Various STA301A
Various STA302A
Various STA303A
Various STA401A
Various STA432A
Various STA434A
Various STA901M
Various STK6981H
Various STK7358
Various STK7408
Various STK7554
Various STK760
Various STK7622H
Various SY2158B3
Various SYC2158B
Various T1S438
Various TA7051P
Various TA7072P
Various TA7173P
Various TBA820M
Various TBA920
Various TBP18S030N
Various TBP18S030N
Various TBP24S10N
Various TBP28S42N
Various TC4049BP
Various TC5501P
Various TC5516APL2
Various TCA345A
Various TCA965
Various TCP580
Various TD62082AP
Various TD62083AP
Various TD62504P
Various TDA1072E
Various TDA1170D
Various TDA1170S
Various TDA1175
Various TDA1180P
Various TDA2003
Various TDA2030
Various TDA2585
Various TDA2595
Various TDA3500
Various TDA46002
Various TDA4601
Various TDA4718A
Various TDA4950
Various TDA8173
Various TDE1787DP
Various TEA2017
Various TEA3718
Various TIL1066
Various TIL111
Various TL064COP
Various TL074COP
Various TL081CP
Various TL084CN
Various TL185CN
Various TL494CN
Various TL497ACN
Various TL592P
Various TL710CP
Various TLC274CN
Various TLS1064
Various TMP8085AP
Various TMP8243P
Various TMP8251AP
Various TMPZ84C30AP6
Various TMS2532A30JL
Various TMS27L08JL45

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