BSC Distribution Ltd have a wide range of obsolete and current IC’s available.



Various MC6802P&EF6802P
Various MC6803P
Various MC6808P
Various MC6809P
Various MC6821P
Various MC6840P
Various MC68701L
Various MC68B21L
Various MC68HC11A1FN
Various MC68HC24FN
Various MC68HC705C8CP
Various MC68HCP11A1FN
Various MC74AC244D
Various MC836P
Various MC844P
Various MC846P
Various MC853P
Various MC946L
Various MCM10145L
Various MCM2114P30
Various MCM6810P
Various MCM68764C
Various MCM68766C35
Various MCN51L01P45
Various MCT274
Various MCT2E
Various MCT2
Various MEB2621
Various MIC4428CN
Various MIC4469BN
Various MJ11022
Various MJ423
Various MK3880N4
Various MK38P70/02H
Various MK4116N4GP
Various MK4801AJ4
Various MK4801AN1
Various MK4801AN3
Various MK4801AN90
Various MK4802AN1
Various MK48Z02B12
Various MK48Z02B25
Various MM1403AN
Various MM2102AN
Various MM52116MCF/N
Various MM5303N
Various MM53200N
Various MM5450N
Various MM57410N
Various MM58174AN
Various MM74C907N
Various MOC3041
Various MOC8030
Various MPC509AP
Various MPQ6700
Various MPS3646
Various MS446412NL
Various MVA5016
Various N8233N
Various N8273B
Various N8274B
Various N8281A
Various N82S09N
Various N82S123N
Various N82S191N
Various N82S82N
Various N8720N
Various N8T28N
Various N8T37N
Various N8T380N
Various N8T38N
Various N8T97N
Various N8T98N
Various NE5170N
Various NE5180A
Various NE5180N
Various NE531N
Various NE5514N
Various NE5535N
Various NE555N

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